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EL700 road widener

The EL700 road widener helps to streamline road widening construction sites and make them profitable. It offers lateral feeding for all types of materials, to the left or right, and has a working width of 0.25m to 3m; The EL700 adapts the loader arms at the end which serves as a pusher engine, the unit pushing the truck as it is unloading.

  • Front receiving hopper equipped with pusher rollers.
  • Remote control and adjustment.
  • Four pivoting wheels to 360°.
  • Conveyor belt width 800 mm.
  • Adjustable approach and descent angles.
  • Blade level and tilt hydraulically adjustable.
  • Integrated autonomous hydraulic unit.
  • Variable blade length
  • 0.25m, 0.50m, 1m, 2m
  • Unladen weight
  • ∼5.5 tonnes
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • HATZ 3L31C diesel engine
  • 29 kW to 3000t/mn
  • Hydraulic pump
  • variable flow rate
  • Auxiliary pump
  • for blade movements

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