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F12 Extruder

The METALLIANCE F12 extruder provides a quality and economical means of constructing concrete or asphalt curbs · Numerous mould profiles possible · Works to the right or left· Easy mould changing · Great manoeuvrability · Compact and easy to transport. The profiles are all made from concrete or asphalt up to 30 cm high or 30 cm wide. The standard 150-mm diameter auger is compatible with minimum working heights and widths of 120 mm.

The material is fed into the hopper and forced under pressure using an extrusion screw through a specially designed mould to give the finished work profile. Propulsion of the machine is ensured by the reaction force produced by the extrusion pressure on the structure on the ground, as well as by hydraulic assistance on the driving wheels of the drawbar. The hydraulic motorisation of the front wheels of the drawbar makes the machine self-propelling for transfers to the work site or for loading onto a transport vehicle.

  • Quiet diesel engine.
  • Fast mould changing.
  • Hydraulic motor.
  • Manual height adjustment on the front wheels of the drawbar.
  • Minimum 50 cm.
  • Hydraulic and mechanical braking.
  • Hydraulic anti-bridging device in the concrete receiving hopper.
  • Dimensions
  • Overall length
  • 2,80 m
  • Overall width
  • 0,9 m
  • Minimum height
  • 1,10 m
  • Other
  • Weight
  • 900 kg
  • Operating speed
  • 0 to 5 m/mn

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